We Believe in Equal Access to Music Technology

We Are

AFRORACK® is the audio arts organization with a goal of helping the community develop and thrive through technology resources.

We are committed to providing children and young adults of color access to modular synthesizers and sound design tools.

Our Vision

We are focused on diverse community access via a collection of workshops, seminars, and ambitious programming centered around STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.



Give as little as $5 a month to support our mobile STEM education workshops.

100% of the contributions we raise online go toward supporting our audio-focused STEM education programming.

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Please support our community-driven programming through donations, sponsorships, or resources. Your contribution will help sustain the traveling workshops and cultural programming.

                                             OUR IMPACT

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We empower youths to become the problem solvers of the future, impacting how they engage in school and their communities.

Our Philosophy

Think Modular™

A modular synthesizer is a collection of sonic building blocks that each have a specific function. These components referred to as ‘modules’ are connected using patch cables, which allow voltage to travel between them. By connecting various modules, the user can construct unique signal paths capable of producing complex synthesized sounds. Sound can be explored in infinite ways by simply adding more modules or patch cables.

So, why modular synthesis? Modular is the most open-ended musical format in the world; users control the flow and the story. When someone investigates modular synthesis, they’re absorbed in a “state of connectivity” that expands creative thinking and inspires problem-solving.

Our Workshops

Make Sound | Shape Sound | Move Sound®

Feel the power of modular synthesis as you control the flow; create sounds and tell stories. Explore all things modular—how we shape it, what it feels like, and how we learn from it. Experiment with real professional audio equipment to design your own robust sonic creations. Our open-ended activities allow you to tap into your imagination and explore your creative self. AFRORACK® is STEM brought to life.


Donate to AFRORACK® and help us continue our audio-focused STEM education program!


We've partnered with over 15 brands that are deeply committed to
advancing educational equality within African American communities.

The Team

Aaron Guice
Hardware Developer | Sound Designer | Educator

Aaron Guice, a celebrated member of the global sound community for the last 15 years, founded AFRORACK® to give talented young students—regardless of socioeconomic background—an opportunity to learn modular synthesis, without financial barriers.

Fess Grandiose
AFRORACK® Instructor

Ali The Architect 
AFRORACK® Instructor

Will Mitchell 
AFRORACK® Instructor

soundsketch™ Lead Engineer

support@afrorack.org | 1245 South Michigan Ave #325 | Chicago, Illinois 60605 | United States

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