We Believe in Equal Access to Music Technology

Our Name

AFRORACK® is our identity. It reshapes and redefines how people of color participate in the world of modular synthesis, helping to break free from its exclusionary past and cultivate inclusive sonic communities that welcome individuals of every background.

Recognized globally in music and education, AFRORACK® is more than a name—it's our emblem of distinction. We think our name is pretty special, and we hope you like it too. In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to trademark it around the world. This step reinforces our authenticity, leaving no doubts for our donors that they're supporting the genuine AFRORACK® nonprofit. Curious about our name? Drop us an email.

We Are

AFRORACK® is the audio arts organization with a goal of helping the community develop and thrive through technology resources.

We are committed to providing children and young adults of color access to modular synthesizers and sound design tools.

Our Vision

We promote diverse community access via a collection of workshops, seminars, and ambitious programming centered around STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Our focus is on cultivating inclusive spaces that nurture musical innovation and promote a sense of belonging in the world of music technology.

How We Do This 

AFRORACK® is only able to provide these workshops through the support of our sponsors and donors like you. 100% of the contributions we raise online goes toward supporting our audio-focused STEM education programming. You can become a supporter by giving as little as $5 a month. Click here to donate.

Join + Support

Be a part of our community's growth! Your donations, sponsorships, or resources help sustain our mobile workshops and vibrant cultural programming.

Support growth + education in black and brown communities

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By the Numbers









We Are STEM Education Powered by modular synthesizers


We empower youths to become the problem solvers of the future, impacting how they engage in school and their communities.

Our Philosophy

Growth through creative exploration

We embrace the journey of learning from experimentation. We celebrate our missteps as stepping stones toward growth and innovation. By leveraging our mistakes, we foster an environment where creative risks are encouraged, allowing for continuous progress and development.


Discover the truth and power of your imagination. Investigate and become absorbed in a "state of connectivity" that expands forward thinking and inspires problem-solving. Generate a space—a whole new universe of possibilities. THINK MODULAR® gives us a key, unlocking our potential as creative beings and helping bridge the divide that separates our humanity.

Comprehensive Inclusivity

At the core of our values lies the belief that everyone should have equal access. But we know that this is just the beginning. True inclusivity goes beyond just that one aspect of life. It encompasses every facet of the human experience, from social to emotional to spiritual. We want to create a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued for who they truly are. That's why we're committed to not only providing top-notch educational resources, but also to cultivating a community that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to live their best lives. When we embrace inclusivity in all its forms, we create a better world for everyone.

Through donations, grants, and sponsorships, we offset workshop costs, making them attainable for all. Additionally, we actively work to create an environment where individuals of all abilities feel welcomed and empowered to engage in our workshops.

Our Workshops

Why We Use Modular Synthesizers

Engaging with modular synths can bring about a profound transformation, we believe they foster independence and confidence. 

Imagine a chef who can only add spices in the same order every time. This would limit the possibilities, right? With a modular synthesizer, all of the building blocks we need to make synthesized sounds are separate, and you can put them together in any way that you want. These blocks are linked together using special cables, which allow signals to travel between them—creating something like a voltage highway. By linking modules, you can make these signal paths into complex sounds and patterns. There's no end to what we can do!

Make Sound. Shape Sound. Move Sound®

Feel the power of modular synthesis as you control the flow; create sounds and tell stories. Explore all things modular—how we shape it, what it feels like, and how we learn from it. Experiment with real professional audio equipment to design your own robust sonic creations. Our open-ended activities allow you to tap into your imagination and explore your creative self. AFRORACK® is STEM brought to life.


Donate to AFRORACK® and help us continue providing children with access to the hands-on educational opportunities they deserve!

Get To Know Us

Aaron Guice
Founder + Director Of Cultural Innovation™

Fess Grandiose
AFRORACK® Instructor

Yaw Evans
AFRORACK® Instructor

Will Mitchell 
soundsketch® Lead Engineer

Ali The Architect 
AFRORACK® Instructor | 1245 South Michigan Ave UNIT #325 | Chicago, Illinois 60605 | United States


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AFRORACK® is incredibly grateful for all of our partners. We've joined forces with over 40 brands that are deeply committed to advancing equitable education within communities of color.

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Want to help transform our neighborhoods into a STEM powerhouse? Join us—say | 1245 S Michigan Ave UNIT 325 | Chicago, IL 60605

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